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  • Nestor Garcia Iturbe
    6 sep 2016



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      Senate seats most likely to flip in 2016

      By Lisa Hagen


      The race for the Senate is heading into the homestretch as Republicans seek to maintain their grip on their slim majority.

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      This week: Congress returns for pre-election sprint

      By Cristina Marcos and Jordain Carney


      Capitol Hill is back in session on Tuesday after resembling a ghost town for the last two months.

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      House GOP faces fight over impeaching IRS commissioner

      By Naomi Jagoda


      House conservatives and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Ohio) are on a collision course this fall over demands to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

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      Obama cancels meeting with leader who called him ‘son of a b----’

      By Jonathan Swan


      President Obama cancelled a meeting with new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, after being called a "son of a b----" by the leader while he spoke to reporters. 

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      Report: Clinton says no decision at State was ‘influenced by anybody’

      By Cyra Master


      Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Monday that no decision she'd made as secretary of State had been "influenced by anybody."

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      Cornyn: Clinton duped Congress during confirmation

      By Alexander Bolton


      Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn  said Hillary Clinton misled lawmakers eight years ago when questions about the Clinton Foundation loomed over her nomination to head the State Department. 

      Read the full story here



      Clinton: ‘I’m allergic to Trump’

      By Lydia Wheeler 


      Hillary Clinton took a jab at Donald Trump amid a coughing fit that erupted right after she took the stage for a campaign rally in Cleveland on Monday.

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      The New York Times: On Labor Day, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton begin a final sprint

      By Ashley Parker


      Mrs. Clinton returned to the trail on Monday after a summer of fund-raising, while Mr. Trump went to Ohio to begin a week of swing-state campaigning.

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      Reuters: Trump, Clinton court Ohio as White House race enters final 2 months

      By Steve Holland and Jeff Mason


      Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton opened a final two-month sprint to the Nov. 8 election on Monday with the Republican presidential nominee suddenly looking stronger as he and his Democratic rival took their bitter fight to Ohio.

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      The Wall Street Journal: More records releases loom for Hillary Clinton

      By Byron Tau


      Lawsuits are being heard in federal courts as the presidential campaign hits its final stretch.

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      Bloomberg: Clinton says possible Russian meddling a serious concern

      By Jennifer Epstein


      Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said potential Russian meddling in the U.S. election is a serious threat that must be addressed quickly and firmly.

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      The Washington Post: ‘Honorary’ job at for-profit college paid Bill Clinton millions

      By Rosalind S. Helderman and Michelle Ye Hee Lee


      A close examination of the deal reveals how the former president leveraged the Clintons’ connections to enhance their personal wealth — potentially providing another avenue for supporters to gain access to the family.

      Read the full story here




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