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  • Nestor Garcia Iturbe
    6 sep 2016



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      World African Diaspora Union (WADU)    

      Contact: Min. Menelik – wadupam@...   9/5/2016                                               Immediate Release: 

      “No to Neo-con Clinton” - A Vote for Hillary, is a Vote for War on Africans


      GA – Declaring a month of action, starting on September 21 through October 21, 2016, the World African Diaspora (WADU) is urging all Africans and people of good will to say “No to the Neocon Clinton” on her Africa war policy. Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate and as a key member of the Neo-conservative leadership in President Obama’s administration has targeted Africa for re-colonization. Since her appointment in the powerful position of Secretary of State, she has unleashed a horrifying "terror war" on Africa. Her self-declared “re-colonization” war against Africa has since left Africa in a dire situation, especially after her attacks to promote regime changes against the Pan African governments of the Ivory Coast in 2010 and then Libya in 2011. As part of her global war, she has also sponsored Al Qaeda mercenaries with Saudia, now ISIL, spreading terror like a virus across North, in West, Central and East Africa.


      The “No to Neo-con Clinton” campaign actions from September 21-October 21, 2016 is both to honor President Kwame Nkrumah  on his birthday this month and the famed 5th Pan African Congress (PAC) of October 1945. PAC with Nkrumah’s leadership led to the coalescing of key African leaders from across the world for the liberation of African people by the 1960’s. Hillary’s war on Africa is not only directed to counter the noble work of Nkrumah who worked diligently and directly with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for the freedom of Black people in the USA, but her work is also to crush the vision of 19th century leaders like Bishop McNeil Turner who helped to inspire our 20th century fight for freedom. 


      Turner, Dr. Martin Delaney and Rev. Edward Blyden were key leaders in the 19th century who served in the American Civil War to free Africans from chattel slavery, and then for the freedom and Black nationhood in Africa. Their warning to us was that Black people are doomed without a Government in Africa that is capable of protecting our people worldwide. Garvey and Nkrumah work are the best examples of their powerful vision which led to the liberation of our people and the creation of the OAU in 1963, now the African Union (AU).


      Unfortunately, Hillary’s attacks have severely weakened the AU, the most important Black institution. The Clinton policy targeting Africans for re-colonization was planned by the Neo-conservatives in Bush administration in the 1980’s. Hillary’s Goldwater and Nixonian agenda is to use Black surrogates in her war on Africa. The Obama administration became that front for white supremacy war on Africa disguised as a war against terror and for freedom, prosperity, democracy and “humanitarian war”. Consequently, African leaders were quickly manipulated compromised and corrupted by U.S. mass deceptions, terror attacks and shock and awe policy modeled in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our sacred call for actions marking this important history at this hour is for us to work in unity against the Hillary re-colonization war scheme that is in cahoots with major European and Saudia enslavers.


      Indeed, the recent attacks on Africa under the oppressive Hillary neo-con policy have already boomerang affecting Black people in the USA and across the Diaspora in our agonizing appeal that “Black Lives Matter”. Worse, in Africa, many members of our Ancestral family have again become refugees fleeing villages, towns and cities and like our ancestors are traveling hundreds of miles from one war zone in Africa, to another. Others are taking dangerous death voyages across the Sahara desert and across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe’s refugee prison camps. This sea crossing is now cited as a major cemetery similar to our enslaved ancestors whose bones are still buried in bowels of the oceans. Hillary is an evil upon and among us like none other in history disguised in a dress.


      Africans, please join us to honor of our esteemed Ancestor President Kwame Osagyefu Nkrumah and to coalesce with other freedom fighters, past and present, across the world through actions starting on September 21, 2016. Your action will help avert the terrifying re-colonial pogrom that is already upon Africa and our people, globally. Family, be sure that Hillary, more than other U.S. candidates in history, has proven to be a dangerous war “Hawk”. Her flight path across our Homeland, Africa is literally littered with bodies of mass misery, death and destruction. Zimbabwe which is one of Africa’s most distinguished models for Black liberation struggle has been under siege since and the situation is worsening with the plan to destroy Zimbabwe affecting all of southern Africa. Thus, with the increased attack on Zimbabwe, the whole continent will collapse in terror and colonial dependency again.


      Consequently, we are urging you to organize actions in our communities, congregations and institutions in the “No to the Neo-con Clinton” campaign to halt her presidential war plan on Africa. Contact us for more information on our campaign against racism, imperialism and neo-colonialism, to further our Union Government in Africa, per will of our Ancestors. Also, please contact us at wadupam@... for October 21, 2016 PAC actions.


      Min. (Mganga) P. D. Menelik Harris is an uncompromised and principled Pan Africanist who has served Africa with powerful leaders since a student. His work has led to support of African liberation, to spearheading the historic U.S.-Africa Trade Relations to jump-start African global trade and industrialization, and he has co-founded and served as the primary Organizer of WADU to continue spearheading the work for our fast-track Union Government in Africa.



      African Liberation Support March & Rally September 17th NYC

      Mugabe Is Right

      Robert G. Mugabe, President of the Republic of 
      Zimbabwe, Chairman of the Zimbabwe National Union – Patriotic Front and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces is once again under attack from the West and its mercenary mouth-pieces.

      The latest attack has a new face and a new slogan, but an old tactic to “raise the flag” in an attempt to “destroy the flag”. A Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire is the newest pawn in the relentless battle of the West to turn back the African revolution to “Free the Land” and be self-determining.

      Once again, the small land locked country of Zimbabwe [12 Million people] with the 93 year old president represents “a clear and present danger” to the national security of the Western world.

      Why does President Mugabe strike such fear in the West? Why their dogged opposition?

      Do they want democracy for Zimbabwe? The same forces transporting Pastor Mawarire around crying out for democratic change in Zimbabwe are the same ones that supported former Dictator Ian Smith and his criminal rule over Rhodesia.

      Do they oppose corruption and poverty in Zimbabwe? Europeans take no responsibility for hundreds of years of African exploitation, terrorism and criminal sanctions against a developing a country. After all wasn’t it Chester Crocker, former Assistant Secretary of State, who said to Congress at a hearing in June 2001,  “To separate the Zimbabwean people from Zanu-PF (President Mugabe’s liberation party}, we are going to have to make their economy scream, and I hope you, senators, have the stomach for what you have to do.”

      Do they believe President Mugabe is too old or has been in office to long? That cannot be.  the United States has defended and provided the most advanced military weapons to Saudi Arabia, in which the Saud Family Monarchy has ruled since 1926 without a single election and inclusive of the total denial of women’s right.

      The plain truth is President Robert G. Mugabe is one of the greatest African leaders who has ever lived and he participated in building and leading one of the greatest political organizations that has been produced by African people – the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front.

      There are no perfect countries, perfect people or perfect parties. However, this African country, this African party and this African leader have accomplished what no other has done to date. It fought a successful national liberation struggle for the creation of Zimbabwe and its flag. It fought and resolved an internal civil war. It reclaimed and redistributed millions of acres of land to the people of Zimbabwe from Europeans who stole it. It has endured over 16 years of Western sanctions whose sole purpose was “regime change” to roll back the undeniable gains of the Zimbabwe revolution.

      Zimbabwe's history has been one of struggle.  However, as difficult as it was to tear down Rhodesia, a government built on exploitation, terror and murder, it is more difficult to build a new Zimbabwe under the conditions of Western encirclement, determined to destroy it.

      Every day, with the increasing and persistent cold blooded murder of our people by the United States police forces with absolute impunity, we should be strengthened by the victories of our fellow Africans who dare to struggle and dare to win. They demonstrate, like the small city of Ferguson, that as small as we may be we can cast a huge light on the real possibilities for victory in our lifetime. We denounce with all our force the gathering of reactionaries who become agents for Africa’s enemies. Reactionaries who see no pain in the communities, streets and homes of Black people here in America.

      We must rally around Zimbabwe, ZANU-PF and President Robert Mugabe, understanding what they together have down for African people worldwide. They have chartered a correct course for the meaning and content of Pan-Africanism. They have carried on Garvey’s plans, Malcolm X’s determination and Nkrumah’s vision.

      President Mugabe once instructed Zimbabweans not to look for another new Zimbabwe to come. He said it was in their hands right now and their task was to build it with their own sweat and blood. Those powerful words remind and build on the words and legacy of Marcus Garvey who decades earlier said, “Up you mighty people, you can accomplish what you will." Garvey spoke the truth and Mugabe Is Right!                                                                                     


      Therefore, we call for all  Pan-Africanist to assemble with us on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 12 PM at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue and to march to the United Nations in support of the African Liberation Movement and in support of President Robert G. Mugabe and the victorious people of Zimbabwe.


      ENVIADO POR Lee Robinson


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