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Hello and welcome. This group's for English language teachers who've come along to any of my sessions and would like to keep on chatting, with me, with each other, or who'd like to download some additional material from the 'Files' section.

***If you have any problems opening files/archivos then try this instead: RIGHT click on the file name and then SAVE it directly (SAVE (AS)/GUARDAR (DESTINO COMO). This should solve the problem. It's generally recomended to make your own copy of anything you download. Then you can go back to the main groupsite without fear of losing it.

It might also be nice to get teachers from private language academies and institutions (such as my own institution, the British Council) talking to English teachers in the the state and private school school systems.

It would also be nice to get other people's ideas in the Files('Archivos') section, so please feel free to upload or to mail me if you have any problems with that:

Here are a couple of other links you may be interested in:

These are free downloadable PowerPoint stories that I have written for pre-school, infants and lower primary students of English. please do take a look.

These are text based stories in an electronic format, useful for putting a bit of a twist to your class readings. At the moment I am involved with producing graded EFL versions of the Alice stories.

Chris Roland

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