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  • Antonio clemente heimerdinger
    17 nov
      Estimado José recibí de Guillermo Seijas de la AN el anteproyecto de Ley de Salud, que seguramente conoces pero por si acaso te la envio saludos antonio clemente h

      2017-11-17 7:02 GMT-04:00 Jose Oletta jofeole2@... [medicosdevenezuela] <>:

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      Series from the Lancet journals

      Health in Humanitarian Crises

      Published: June 8, 2017

      Executive Summary

      Large-scale humanitarian crises are ongoing in Syria, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen among others. This Lancet Series of four papers and accompanying Comments assesses the evidence base for health interventions in humanitarian crises and finds significant variations in the quantity and quality of evidence. It brings together lessons learned from recent failures in humanitarian crises to provide recommendations to improve a broken system. It calls for action to put the protection of humanitarian workers front and centre, to align humanitarian interventions with development programmes, to improve leadership and coordination, to ensure timely and robust health information, and to make interventions more efficient, effective, and sustainable.


      • Improving evidence for health in humanitarian crises

        Udani Samarasekera, Richard Horton
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • Where is the science in humanitarian health?

        Ronald J Waldman, Michael J Toole
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • Humanitarian medicine is more than a technical exercise

        Vickie Hawkins, André Heller Pérache
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • Research ethics and evidence for humanitarian health

        Dónal O'Mathúna, Chesmal Siriwardhana
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017


      • Moses Massaquoi: health leader in humanitarian crises

        Richard Lane
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109


      • Evidence on public health interventions in humanitarian crises

        Karl Blanchet, Anita Ramesh, Severine Frison, Emily Warren, Mazeda Hossain, James Smith, Abigail Knight, Nathan Post, Christopher Lewis, Aniek Woodward, Maysoon Dahab, Alexander Ruby, Vera Sistenich, Sara Pantuliano, Bayard Roberts
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • Public health information in crisis-affected populations: a review of methods and their use for advocacy and action

        Francesco Checchi, Abdihamid Warsame, Victoria Treacy-Wong, Jonathan Polonsky, Mark van Ommeren, Claudine Prudhon
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • Recurrent failings of medical humanitarianism: intractable, ignored, or just exaggerated?

        Sandro Colombo, Enrico Pavignani
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      • The humanitarian system is not just broke, but broken: recommendations for future humanitarian action

        Paul B Spiegel
        The Lancet
        Published: June 8, 2017


      • Attacks against health care in Syria, 2015–16: results from a real-time reporting tool

        Mohamed Elamein, Hilary Bower, Camilo Valderrama, Daher Zedan, Hazem Rihawi, Khaled Almilaji, Mohammed Abdelhafeez, Nabil Tabbal, Naser Almhawish, Sophie Maes, Alaa AbouZeid
        The LancetVol. 390No. 10109
        Published: June 8, 2017
      A UNAMID truck drives past a woman in Nyoro, Sudan


      Watch the launch of the Series at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on June 9, 2017.


      View and share the full-size infographic Health in humanitarian crises: strengthening the evidence base

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